Foundations & The Art of Natural Makeup

Beautiful makeup starts with a foundation that enhances your skin while covering problem areas. Whatever your skin color is, we have a foundation for you. We are planning to add the darker shades soon, and we also offer custom-made foundations.

You may try our samples or contact us directly for assistance. You may prefer a Designer Foundation made just for you! Let’s have Confident Images without sacrificing our health!

The Art of Natural Makeup

Minimalist, satin skin – not extremely shiny, dewy, or powdery; cover what needs to be covered using the Art of Natural Makeup

With your first purchase of a large sifter jar of loose mineral foundation, you may receive a digital copy or a printed copy of The Art of Natural Makeup by Sherry E. Weems. Simply make your request in the note section of the order. It is a list of instructions for achieving a beautiful, natural, air-brushed like finish.

Preferred tools/supplies:  natural skin care products, damp cloth, natural cleaner for brushes, kabuki brush, primer, large sifter jar of loose mineral foundation, small or large sifter jar of highlighter/luminizer, large fluffy powder brush, highlighter brush, concealer brush, small spray bottle of pure water, paper plate, ceramic/plastic plate, & ceramic cups


Color Blurring Primer

Oil Controlling Primer – Sagy Beige

Loose Mineral Foundations