Brandon & Marissa

Confident Image Checkups

Photo Credit:  Apex Photography

Would you like to know what others think about your look without being embarrassed on national television? Do you often wonder if you are dressed appropriately for your coloring, body type, facial shape, or occasion?  Have you ever been disappointed with a photograph because you look washed out, your style was outdated, or your colors clashed with others’ or the background? Would you like to feel more confident? Our Confident Image Checkups (CIC) prepare you with helpful knowledge to assist you in looking more excellent.  This is especially valuable before a photograph, speaking engagement, job interview, class reunion, or other special event.

Each CIC will provide you with an educated evaluation of how well the color, style, and fit of an outfit work for your body. It will also offer insight into the appropriateness of your outfit for the setting or occasion.

To receive a $20 CIC Analysis, simply choose an outfit with accessories and have a friend take at least 4 snapshots in a well-lit room or outside, so that the pictures show the true colors of the client and outfit.  Be sure to include at least one headshot, one close-up of your eye color, and one full-body shot.  Fill out the contact form below with your name, email address, cell-phone #, and any questions.  Allow 24 to 48 hours Monday – Friday for a response.   Be ready to email us with your pictures and any questions or concerns about your look. The following information is also helpful:  gender; current profession; career objective/dream job; color season (if known); eye color; skin color, including how easily you tan or burn; race; childhood hair color; current natural hair color; current artificial hair color (if applicable); fashion personality (if known); type of event for which you are planning; and dress code for the occasion. Please do not send images of lingerie or nudity. If your CIC Analysis is for a photograph with others who are also purchasing a CIC Analysis, please include their names in the message.

We will not share your personal information without your permission. Thank you for your business! You may read reviews by going to our Facebook page.