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The eyes have it! Beautiful eye makeup is an art. How about trying a new color to see how it affects your look? It’s fun to experiment with different hues!

You may browse the assortment of loose mineral eye shadows on the Face page. Simply scroll down past the Cheeks section.

THE EYESHADOW PALETTES AND CREAM-TO-POWDER PRODUCTS ARE BEING REFORMULATED, SO MOST OF THEM ARE OUT OF STOCK: The featured image is our Autumn Sunset Eyeshadow Palette. Check out our Cream-to-Powder products for controlling your brows and providing adhesion for your loose eyeshadow and eyeliner!

Eyeliner: The Art of Natural Eyeliner

The Cream-to-Powder product can be used as an eyeliner base. Then apply loose mineral powder with an angled eyeliner brush along the lash line, to achieve long lasting looks!

Liquid eyeliner can be achieved by placing a drop of water on a paper plate and tapping out some loose mineral powder beside the water. Dip an angled eyeliner brush into the water and then into the colored loose minerals. Apply this mixture near the lash line for a long lasting look. Adding dry loose minerals to the liquid line you made, can look even more dramatic. To achieve this look, simply dab your brush in the dry minerals and smooth them over the line you made, enjoying a more intense and long wearing eyeliner!

Hopefully, our eyeliner pencils will be ready soon! They are in the formulation stage.

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