A flattering lip color can transform your look and give you more confidence!  Have you ever bought a lip color that you didn’t like?  Many times the color is the issue.  Do you have cool or warm undertones in your skin?  If you are unsure, feel free to contact us for assistance. We offer color analysis, cosmetic clinics, and “mini” lip products at affordable prices; to solve that problem. Yay! Our safe ingredients and color-coded lip products can give you a more confident look and peace of mind!

To locate cool or warm colors, simply look for a “C” or a “W” included at the end of the item #.  If there is no “C” or “W”, the color has not been labeled yet.

Vegan Lasting Lipsticks

Luscious Lip Glosses

Luxurious Lip Balms (Neutral and Tinted)

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