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Now Taking Appointments for Fall Trends Makeovers!

Feel free to message us for more information. Choose from these options, a combination, or create your own custom look.

  1. Shining in the Spotlight – Highlights the eyes
  2. Naturally Luminous – Dewy look
  3. Sultry Eyes – Smoky eyes
  4. Fresh Berries – Monochromatic look
  5. Go Bold or Go Home – Sampling of the brightest and boldest mineral pigments
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Now Taking Appointments for Fresh Spring Looks

2023 Spring Makeup Trends

  1. Minimalist, satin skin – not extremely shiny, dewy, or powdery; cover what needs to be covered using the Art of Natural Makeup
  2. Under painting/sculpting
  3. Pastel and iridescent colors
  4. Pink, lavender, blue, and soft browns
  5. Natural, brushed-up brows
  6. Statement lips with an otherwise minimalist look
  7. Coquette makeup and nails
  8. Highlighter
  9. From the 80s – thick eyeliner; pastel eyes, cheeks, and lips; false lashes and teased hair
  10. From the 90s –- anti-beauty queen look
  11. Pro aging – not trying so hard to hide wrinkles

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Have you learned The Art of Natural Makeup?


As the seasons change and new trends arise, we are now taking appointments for…

Fall Trends Makeovers!

Get Back to Nature While Having Fun With…

The 2022 Fall Makeup Trends

  1. Minimalist, satin skin
  2. Graphic eye liner
  3. Color pop
  4. Smokey dark eyeshadow
  5. Euphoria eye looks
  6. Harmonious matching
  7. Purple tinted blush
  8. Light & natural brows
  9. Bold or overlined lips
  10. Bold or graphic nails
  11. Multi-use beauty products

Confident Images Wearable Tips For

 The 2022 Fall Makeup Trends

Along with The Art of Natural Makeup

  1. Minimalist, satin skin – not extremely shiny, dewy, or powdery; cover what needs to be covered using The Art of Natural Makeup
  2. Graphic eyeliner – double eyeliner, cat eyes with single or two parallel lines in the corners, and other graphic designs; This trend could be achieved using our liquid eyeliner method.
  3. Color pop – bright eye makeup, either matching the outfit or as the only color on the model
  4. Smokey dark eyeshadow black and/or smokey minerals; Smoke Cream-to-Powder or Black Cream-to-Powder
  5. Euphoria eye lookssparkle, metallic paint, or glitter; crystals, floral embellishments, or rhinestones glued onto the skin around the eyes
  6. Harmonious matching – matching eyeshadow to outfit.
  7. Purple tinted blush – look for a blush that reminds you of purple tinted fall leaves
  8. Light & natural brows
    • Light colored brows – nothing added to light brows or using Blond Cream-to-Powder could lighten darker brows
    • Thin brows – (Caution – overplucking can cause permanent disfiguration of your brows; if you change your mind, it would be hard to restore them)
    • Fluffy soap brows – don’t have to use soap, simply fill in and brush up with Cream-to-Powder which can fill in your brows and help to hold them in place
  9. Bold or overlined lips
    • Bold lips – Red, dark, blue, purple, brown, or natural lip color
    • Overlined lips – lighter lip color than the liner, so that the liner shows through
  10. Bold or graphic nails 
    • Dark, red, white, blue, turquoise, gold, nude, brown, or berry colors
    • Shiny and metallic colors
    • Long, pointed, or square nails
    • French manicure style
      • Dark nails w/ white tips
      • White nails w/ dark tips
    • Swirly designs
    • Embellishments added – crystals, pearls, beads, glitter, initials, etc.
    • Matching
      • Red nails w/ red lips
      • Blue & black nails w/ blue eyeshadow
      • Brown nails w/ brown lipstick
  11. Multi-use beauty products – mineral makeup is the perfect multi-use beauty product, while being free of harsh chemicals – a win, win!

For a Fall Trends Makeover consultation/party, feel free to contact us.

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